Can't decide if you want a heater or an AC? With this portable Air Conditioner, you don't have to choose!

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Using a wind speed tester

The Keystone Portable AC does four things in one unit, however, I wanted to see for myself it does them well?

Being so versatile with so many features, I wanted to know how well it worked. So I performed several tests…  

Since I had never seen a portable air conditioner with heat, I was especially excited to try this Keystone Portable Air Conditioner with Heat!

This video review shows the unboxing, overview of the various functions, installation, testing and my impressions of this mobile air conditioner.

Additionally, the review includes my at-home testing of decibel sound levels, airflow speeds and times to reach target temperatures.

Keystone sent this 4 in 1, 13,000 BTU portable AC with heat pump to me for review, but this is not a sponsored video. 

While I’m putting the Keystone AC through its paces, I’ll give you the all the details, specifically pointing out both the good, and the not so good ones. 

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Portable air conditioner duct taped high on wall to reach window

So, how did it perform?  

Alltogther, I was impressed. Despite the heating function, it was much smaller than I expected, especially with the added heating function. It turns out that the heat feature doesn’t add any size to the cabinet, and it only adds one pound to the weight.

Unlike other portable air conditioners I have experienced, this was quiet. I could easily carry on a conversation, watch TV or even sleep with this in the room. The three fan speeds actually move more air, rather than simply make more noise. 

One of the best features is the “follow me” feature of the remote control. This great addition means that the remote control unit effectively becomes a remote thermostat. So wherever the remote is, this mobile AC unit will make do its best to make that location the temperature you set. It’s like having an assistant that makes sure you are comfortable!

The most intriguing feature of this Keystone portable air conditioner is that it doesn’t just cool or dehumidify. It heats the room too, and it does it well – all the while using very little energy.  Significantly, this means the AC can keep you cool in the daytime and take the edge off the nighttime temperature too, without costing a fortune to operate. In temperate climates, this Keystone might be all you need to keep a room the perfect temperature year-round!

The remote control is a universal remote that works for many of Keystone’s air conditioners, including portable, window and through-the-wall units. Subsequently, this led to some confusion for me, since some of the buttons on the remote don’t actually correspond to the functions of this particular portable AC. However, the great news is that Keystone is aware of the confusion and will be including a “cheat sheet” with each air conditioner that shows which buttons are active and which ones aren’t. I like that they are responsive to customer feedback and are continually improving their products. 

Have a look at the video to see the testing I performed and the results. I also show how to install it and explain how the features work. 

Summing up, this Keystone portable air conditioner is pretty cool and it can be pretty hot too! I think it is a great value and certainly has some great features. Check them out! A link is below.

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Keystone 13,000 BTU (8,000 DOE) Portable Air Conditioner with Heat

From Amazon

Make sure to select the “heat” option!  Includes remote control with follow-me function, timer, digital display, sleep mode and more…

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There are more DIY projects in the works, so stay tuned to Uncharted DIY. Feel free to comment, post photos, or ask questions.

Uncharted DIY is for DIY enthusiasts tackling uncommon projects, utilizing common tools and often on a limited budget

Uncharted DIY is for DIY enthusiasts tackling uncommon projects, utilizing common tools and often on a limited budget