Oxygen Concentrator Loud? Easy ways to make it quieter! 5 simple non-permanent DIY solutions to reduce the noise

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oxygen concentrator being thrown in garbage truck

This might seem like the only solution to an obnoxiously loud oxygen concentrator, but I’ll show you better ways

The Problem  

It can be tough living with an oxygen concentrator in the house. No one in the home is immune to the whooshing, clunking and general high annoyance factor of a noisy concentrator.

Some new home oxygen concentrator machines are pretty quiet, but you might be stuck with a rented concentrator from a medical equipment provider. Many of these providers have old, loud and poorly maintained machines, and you just have to live with them. You would get in big trouble for altering the O2 generator in any permanent way.

The video above covers 5 ways to reduce the acoustic assault on your sleep. You don’t have to loose sleep over noisy oxygen concentrators anymore!

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The Solutions  

decibel measurement before treatment      decibel measurement after treatment

Using methods 3, 4 and 5 resulted in a reduction of over 10 decibels for this Invacare Platinum XL concentrator! That’s a huge difference and has restored harmony for those that have to live with this machine!

These five methods include:

  • Clean filters
  • Relocate the concentrator
  • Reposition the concentrator
  • Diffuse the sound
  • Change the tonal quality of the sound


The video includes all the details of the five solutions, and shows how to make these changes

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Uncharted DIY is for DIY enthusiasts tackling uncommon projects, utilizing common tools and often on a limited budget

Uncharted DIY is for DIY enthusiasts tackling uncommon projects, utilizing common tools and often on a limited budget