Inkerma Bilateral Laser Distance Meter Measure an Entire Room from a single point?

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Steve from Uncharted DIY holding Inkerma Bilateral Laser Distance Meter

Is a Laser Distance Meter with TWO lasers a useful tool?
Let’s find out!


I had never seen a laser measuring tool with two lasers before, and I didn’t know if it was going to be useful, or just a gimmick. So, I tried it out!

The problem:

Measuring room dimensions is time-consuming and error-prone with traditional tape measures or standard laser distance meters. These methods require multiple trips to different walls, which can be challenging without an extra set of hands. Even laser distance meters have limitations, needing clear lines of sight to measure accurately.


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Pythagorean? Indirect Measurements? What do these mean?

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The solution:

Introducing the Inkerma DM-262, a game-changing measuring tool designed for efficiency and accuracy. Ideal for DIY projects, construction, and real estate, it simplifies the measurement process and offers unique features.

The Inkerma Bilateral Laser Distance Meter DM-262 is packed with a great set of features in addition to the dual lasers. Here’s what you can expect:

Impressive Range: With a range of 262 feet (80 meters), this device can measure even large spaces accurately.

Bilateral Lasers: The standout feature of this meter is its bilateral lasers, allowing you to measure in two dimensions simultaneously. You can switch to single laser mode for added versatility.

Unit Flexibility: It measures in selectable units of meters, centimeters, millimeters, decimal feet, inches, and fractions. You can switch between units while displaying a measurement, making conversions a breeze.

Advanced Functions: In addition to simple distance measurements, it offers real-time measuring, angle sensing, and calculates area, volume, and indirect measurements using the Pythagorean method.

Impressive Accuracy: With up to ±⅛ inch (2mm) accuracy, you can trust that your measurements are precise.

Long Battery Life: The rechargeable battery can handle up to 3000 measurements on a single charge and uses a standard USB-C port for convenience.

User-Friendly Display: The large backlit color screen is easy to read and can be rotated for your convenience.

Measurement Storage: It can store up to 100 measurements on board, making it easy to keep track of your data.


Pros and Standout Features: What Sets It Apart

One-Spot Measurements: Imagine standing in one spot and measuring an entire room. The Inkerma DM-262 makes it possible, saving you time and effort.

Bilateral Laser: No need to place the meter against a wall; the bilateral laser simplifies measurements.

Rotatable Screen: You can adjust the screen orientation for easy reading from any angle.

Large Font Display Option: A handy feature for those who may struggle with smaller fonts, ensuring you can read measurements easily.

Multi-Purpose: Thanks to its flat sides and real-time angle indicator, it also functions as a level.

Durable Design: With an IP54 protection rating, it’s resistant to dust and occasional splashes.

Addition and Subtraction Functions: Features often missing in this price range, which come in handy for various applications.


Potential Cons and Room for Improvement

Depending on how you intend to use this laser tool, there are a few potential drawbacks to consider:

Mounting: The meter lacks a way to mount it, which can be challenging for long-range measurements. A tripod mount would be beneficial for such scenarios.

Bright Light Conditions: Like all red laser LDMs I’ve encountered, it can be challenging to use in bright light conditions. 

No Companion App: Unlike some other LDMs, this one doesn’t communicate with a smartphone or tablet app, limiting your ability to create floor plans and diagrams with dimensions.

Learning Curve: Advanced functions might require consulting the manual, but this is common with most laser distance meters.


Final Thoughts: A Valuable Addition to Your Toolkit

The Inkerma Bilateral Laser Distance Meter DM-262 offers efficiency and accuracy at a competitive price (currently $79.99 US on Amazon, as of 8/26/23).

While it lacks some advanced features of pricier models, its dual lasers, addition and subtraction capabilities, and user-friendly design make it a reliable choice.

For most users, the Inkerma DM-262 will streamline measuring tasks, making them more efficient and accurate. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast, construction worker, or real estate agent, this tool is definitely a useful addition to your toolbox!

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Inkerma DM-262 Bilateral Laser Distance Meter

From Amazon


  • Measures up to 262 feet (80 meters) in 2 dimensions simultaneously. Stand in one spot and measure the volume of a room in seconds!
  • Distance, Real-time measuring, Area, Volume, Pythagorean indirect modes, Angle readout, Addition and Subtraction
  • Color screen with rotating display for ease of use
  • Lanyard hand strap, Carrying case w belt loop, instruction manual that’s large enough for humans to read!


There are more DIY projects in the works, so stay tuned to Uncharted DIY. Feel free to comment, post photos, or ask questions.

Uncharted DIY is for DIY enthusiasts tackling uncommon projects, utilizing common tools and often on a limited budget

Uncharted DIY is for DIY enthusiasts tackling uncommon projects, utilizing common tools and often on a limited budget